ZOOXXI is an international proposal to restructure zoological parks (zoos) as we know them today, with the aim of adapting them to suit the science and ethics of our age.

Carrying out this proposal would not have been possible without involvement of dozens of people who were organised into various work groups according to their subject area or function:
We will be uploading new reports to this part of the website on regular basis.

Conservation and reintroduction programmes

This report seeks to analyse the success of Barcelona Zoo in achieving its aims of conservation and reintroduction for the species it houses. These are two of the fundamental pillars by which zoos justify their existence and current dynamics. Download document:...

Zoo clousures around the world

This dossier seeks to highlight zoos around the world that have closed down over the last few years, and explore the main causes for these events. Download document: Zoo clousures around the world

Common bottlenose dolphin

This document seeks to describe the living conditions of the species Common Bottlenose Dolphin in its natural habitat, as well as the consequences of captivity on the health of the individuals living at Barcelona Zoo both now and in the past. Download document: Common...

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